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NeoTimber® specialise solely in the manufacture and design of 3.6m composite decking lengths, which we feel is the ‘optimal’ size. Let us explain why…

Years of experience has taught us that the length of composite decking is an important factor in determining how a deck is laid and designed and can often determine people’s decision on which composite decking supplier to opt for.

composite decking lengths

With many alternative suppliers choosing to opt for longer length boards, which can in some cases go up to 6m composite decking lengths, we solely specialise in 3.6m lengths. Why do we opt for this shorter length product? We believe this length balances both the aesthetics of longer-length boards with the higher performance of a shorter length decking product. 3.6m is what we have landed on as an ideal length deck board and we outline why below…

composite decking lengths

Why Do We Opt For 3.6m Composite Decking Lengths?

#1 – They Look Great Once Laid

The benefits of opting for long decking lengths often comes down to aesthetics. Shorter deck boards can often result in more cuts along a decking area, which are less desired than seeing longer lengths with less cuts across a deck area. We find that 3.6m length is still a long-enough length to look expertly finished once laid.

composite decking lengths

#2 – A 3.6m Length Reduces The Impact Of Expansion & Contraction

All composite deck boards expand and contract in varying temperatures. This is a key feature of all wood plastic decking products. Some suppliers offer longer boards (4m +) but naturally, the longer the deck board, the more material and therefore, more expansion. A 3.6m length composite decking board therefore minimises the issue of excessive expansion and contraction.

composite decking lengths

#3 – They Are Easier To Install

We pride ourselves on designing products that not only look exceptional but are easy to install. Common sense would tell you that the longer the boards, the more cumbersome they are to install. Not only are longer boards heavier but the longer lengths mean that they are most difficult to fix down.

composite decking lengths

Designing A Deck With A 3.6m Composite Deck Board

When designing a deck with NeoTimber® composite decking planks, there are a few different laying patterns you could include within your design to enhance the overall look but to also maximise the composite decking lengths and avoid wastage.

Stagger your composite deck boards creating a seamless transition from each board to the next, this, therefore, does not leave a uniform joint line across your deck but also works hand-in-hand with NeoTimber’s composite deck 3.6m boards.

composite decking lengths

Composite deck picture framing is a fabulous laying pattern option, because you can add additional length as a border around your boards without compromising the 3.6m boards we supply.

composite decking lengths

Another interesting option would be a herringbone pattern from the corner outwards. While a little harder to install, this is certain to make your composite deck an absolute showstopper.

composite decking lengths

Planning a composite decking project? Order some decking samples from us to see the board ranges for yourself, but also take a look at our handy decking calculator to plan out how many boards you would need for your project.

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