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NeoTimber® specialise in environmentally friendly composite decking that is recycled, eco-friendly and sustainable.

Our eco-friendly composite decking boards offer a sustainable solution for your outdoor living space. Sustainability is a hot topic in the current climate with many opting for more ‘green’ alternatives in their homes. A question we are often faced with here at NeoTimber® is: how environmentally-friendly are composite decking boards?

environmentally friendly composite decking

The Top Reasons Why NeoTimber’s Composite Decking Is The Ideal Eco-Friendly Decking Solution

NeoTimber’s Material Make-Up.

Our range of eco-friendly decking consists of both recycled plastic and reclaimed timber fibres. Both materials which make up our composite boards would usually have ended up in landfill. Therefore, we re-use these previously unwanted materials and form them into a usable, high-performance outdoor solution. From this material, we have engineered a robust but light, composite material that looks like wood but is virtually impervious to moisture.

Our manufacturing methods save tonnes of material from being dumped in landfill sites, polluting the atmosphere, and contributing to global warming. Over a 12-month period, we measured to see just how much plastic we have recycled and transformed into our composite decking. The results are astounding!

environmentally friendly composite decking

In each 3.6 metre decking board we manufacture, there is about 3.45kg of recycled plastics. This equates to approximately 30% of the materials used. In an average year, we produce over 300,000 boards. So, in total, we are responsible for recycling over 1,000,000 kg of plastic materials.  That equates to over 1,000 tonnes!

At NeoTimber®, we are proud that the work we do helps and benefits the environment. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our manufacturing processes, to lessen our impact upon the natural world.

A Longer-Life Eco-Friendly Decking Solution.

We offer a 25-year residential warranty and a 10-year commercial guarantee on all our NeoTimber® composite decking ranges which is testament to the long-life of our boards. We offer these guarantees because we are confident in the quality and the engineering behind NeoTimber®.

Our composite decking boards are built to last. We are constantly monitoring feedback and reviews from our customers to improve and upgrade the quality of our products so that we can provide the highest quality to you, the customer.

environmentally friendly composite decking
environmentally friendly composite decking

The Harsh Reality Of Treating Timber Decking

Timber decking may seem like an entirely organic option for the environmentally-conscious consumer. But the reality is that traditional timber decking boards if left untreated, are liable to rotting and fading. The only way to prevent this is by treating your wood.

Whether this is by staining or painting, these products contain toxic chemicals which lock out the moisture to protect the timber. These oil-based chemicals can pollute the environment around you as they disperse into the air.

NeoTimber’s Products Require Less Maintenance

Because NeoTimber’s products are made of composite materials, you need never treat, stain or paint your decking again! Rather, it just requires simple maintenance to keep it clean. You don’t need to fork out for special chemicals to do this, either. Our composite decking can be simply washed down with ordinary household cleaning products.

Therefore, this means less maintenance for you and the reassurance of harmful ingredients being transferred into the atmosphere. All you will require for cleaning composite decking is household soap, a sponge, a bucket, a hose, and a soft-bristled brush.

environmentally friendly composite decking

In summary, the greater your deck’s longevity, the less the impact upon the environment. By choosing to install composite decking and to use household chemicals, particularly biodegradable alternatives, you are making a conscientious choice to support NeoTimber® in our mission to actively participate in making positive steps towards a cleaner, greener future for everyone.

Ultimately, it is your choice. NeoTimber’s composite decking is a more eco-friendly, robust option to traditional timber.

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