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Adding an extra room for a fraction of the cost of building an extension, take a read of our NeoTimber® garden room decking guide today…

Garden rooms and composite decking are fast becoming the perfect outdoor living duo. Whilst lockdown has been a challenge for many of us, one good thing which has come out of the pandemic is a sea-change in employer’s attitudes to home-working. In certain creative industries flexitime was always encouraged but is being embraced across industry at a previously unprecedented level.

garden room decking

Whilst this may be the case, juggling a laptop and the hoovering whilst negotiating for a corner of the dining table with the youngest as they struggle to get their head around algebra may not be the best way to maintain a healthy mind!

garden room composite decking

Garden Rooms Are The Popular Option

Clearly, if working from home is to become a more regular fixture, something needs to change. A garden room is a popular option. Adding an extra room for a fraction of the cost of building an extension, a garden room/office gives you the space to work and be inspired away from the distractions of home working. Installing composite decking as a perimeter for your garden office has some clear advantages. Below, we unpack some of the main benefits of garden room decking:

garden room composite decking

Easier To Maintain

If you install a timber deck as a base for your outdoor building it will be cheap to fit but will require regular maintenance to keep it in good condition. Decking is typically supplied with grooved boards which enhance grip but collect standing water, leading to rapid erosion. Grooves also make stripping the boards and sanding a very fiddly process. Composite decking does not require stripping, sanding, painting or varnishing, ever. Create a firm base with your garden office decking and provide ample space as a surround to sit out on as a veranda for when the phone finally stops ringing.

The Natural Upgrade To Timber

The main appeal with buying timber for the garden is the aesthetic. Timber looks good. But it only looks good for a while. Newly fitted it is too light, stain it and you’ll regret it as it must be stripped before staining again. Composite decking embraces the qualities of timber: strength, looks, resilience and combines them in a natural-looking composite alternative. Comprised of reclaimed industrial wood fibres and recycled plastic, composite decking is more environmentally friendly than it might first appear. Modern technological advances have created a material which is textured and grained like wood, but which resists moisture-absorption, giving you the best of both worlds.

A Long-Life Solution

A well-source garden room or office can be a significant outlay. Getting the foundations right for such a structure should not be taken lightly. Timber is prone to rotting, with the best will in the world, even the best-kept decks will require repair or replacement after 10-15 years. NeoTimber® composite decking is supplied with a 25-year guarantee giving you complete peace of mind.

A Valuable Asset When Selling

Should you choose to move house, a prospective buyer will mentally deduct value from your property for any issues they anticipate paying to fix. Whilst our manufacturer’s warranty is non-transferrable, the ability to showcase a garden with a solid deck and outbuilding still in good condition will only add to the value of your property when you come to sell.

Should you wish to investigate the option of installing our composite decking as a perimeter for your garden room, we have several approved installers who specify NeoTimber® who would be more than willing to advise you. Please contact our office to find your nearest garden room decking installer.

garden room decking

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