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There is such a thing as NeoTimber® maintenance free decking. But like anything – a little care and attention goes a long way.

NeoTimber® maintenance free decking boards represent an easy-care outdoor flooring solution, which promises very little upkeep throughout its entire lifetime. Whilst there is no such thing as zero maintenance decking, our low maintenance decking boards are certainly the closest thing you’ll get to an easy life.

no maintenance decking

Here are the key factors to consider when thinking about low maintenance decking:

low maintenance decking

How much maintenance your deck requires will very much depend on which of our ranges of low maintenance decking you go for. Our capped composite ranges are exactly that, capped. This outer capping gives the board an easy-clean finish, providing an enhanced level of stain resistance. The material finish of the deck board means that accidental spills can easily be wiped away. In turn, our Advanced and Deluxe boards are the closest thing to no maintenance decking on the market.

That’s certainly not to downplay our traditional deck boards. Our Essential and Classic boards are exceptionally low maintenance decking boards too, guaranteeing less effort and not to mention, less expense. All it takes is a little care and attention twice a year and your deck area promises to look good as new.

maintenance free decking
zero maintenance decking

Zero Maintenance Decking And Seasonality

As the seasons change, you may find that your maintenance free decking space requires a little more attention than usual. The colder, darker days bring with them a more demanding outdoor environment. In autumn – the likelihood of trees shedding leaves on your NeoTimber® deck is second to none, and in winter – frost, and snow will no doubt need to be cleared.

That being said, NeoTimber® deck boards are incredibly hard-wearing and therefore, completely resistant to detrimental effects such as rotting, splintering, and warping caused by the challenging outdoor environment. In turn, NeoTimber® composite deck boards promise to offer a low maintenance decking alternative to timber. For more information, please refer to our extensive care guide.

Caring For Your Deck

Caring for your low maintenance deck is simple! A quick once over with a soft-bristled brush is all that’s necessary. We recommend a more general clean twice a year to keep your deck sparkling clean all year round, and it’s best to get this done in the spring and again in the autumn. That being said, forget the regular trips to your nearest DIY store to fetch expensive sealants or stains, warm soapy water is all our little-to-no maintenance decking solutions require.

If your decking area is in need of a little extra care and attention, please refer to our extensive online cleaning guide or check out Owatrol Compo-Clean as a purpose-built cleaning solution.

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