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How to make the most out of your outdoor living space with NeoTimber’s raised composite decking…

Are you tired of the unsightly, uneven ground in your garden that you wish you could cover-up with a contemporary looking alternative? Investing in a raised composite decking area may just be the perfect option for you.

raised composite decking

Within this guide, we will help you understand that you can iron out the inconsistencies of an uneven space with a raised composite deck design and we will shed some light on everything that comes hand-in-hand with incorporating a raised decking area into your garden design.

#1 – A Raised Composite Deck Extends Your Living Space

Incorporating a raised deck within your garden can really extend your overall living space, bringing the indoors outwards.

raised decking

Many more are opting for a raised deck over one that is embedded into the ground because they provide a platform that you can walk straight out onto from your bifold/patio doors, which creates a seamless transition that is generally safer, too.

#2 – Raised Decking Is Perfect For Uneven Ground

Uneven slope? No problem, NeoTimber’s composite decking can be raised to fit over the uneven ground creating a flat platform for an entertainment space. When incorporating a raised deck your landscaper will be able to factor this into your decking design, which generally involves creating additional height with your subframe.

raised composite decking

#3 – Creating Levels With Composite Decking Is Great For Zoning Your Space

Adding a raised deck particularly when framing your deck with the picture framing technique, you can really achieve that ‘zoning’ trend. With the addition of a raised deck, you can really add texture to your garden and different levels, which lends itself to the ‘zoning’ trend because you then have multiple living spaces in each section.

raised decking

#4 – Add Those Finishing Touches With NeoTimber’s Edge Boards And Fascia Options

When incorporating a raised deck within your design, you will need to factor in the finishing touches to those raw composite deck edges. Without these edging options, even the most well-designed raised deck can feel unfinished.

raised composite decking

NeoTimber’s selection of premium edge boards and composite skirting & corner trims are purpose-built to work with our composite deck boards, can really frame up a deck and apply that finishing touch perfectly.

#5 – Raised Decking Can Often Require Steps

In most cases when adding a raised composite deck design, you will need to think about incorporating a set of steps. This is so you are able to access the different levels of your garden. This is something you will need to discuss with your landscaper so they can factor this into the composite deck design.

NeoTimber® supply numerous fascia options to complement your steps, dependent on preference. Need some inspiration to aid your composite decking ideas? No problem! We have researched the top composite decking steps ideas to make it plain sailing when conducting your project.

raised decking

Staring outside at a lifeless section of grass and keen to incorporate a raised decking project into your space? Why not kick things off by ordering a selection of free composite decking samples today, to get the ball rolling with your project today.

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