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Are you looking for a truly unique look for your garden? Black composite decking is a bold choice.

Black decking is the ideal monochromatic contemporary solution. Only the brave would opt for such a stark statement but NeoTimber® charcoal black decking provides a bold palette against which to express your vibrant personality.

black decking

If you’re a go-it-alone trend-setter, your garden should reflect your uniqueness. Like a rocker in an estate car or a mod in van, an uninspiring garden design can really kill your vibe. Your garden is an extension of your home and personality so paint it black, it’s your space. Bringing together the warm earthy charcoal tones of our darkest decking with the vibrancy of your planting, accessories and furniture you can make your garden truly breath-taking.

You Still Paint?! How Quaint(!)

The primary benefit of our black composite decking is that it never needs painting, stripping, sanding or varnishing, ever. Our composite deck boards are engineered to be more fade-resistant than timber alternatives and so will stay looking crisp, sharp and stark for many years.

black composite decking

Hang up your paint brush and unplug the sander, composite decking is maintenance-free. NeoTimber® charcoal decking is available in four different ranges, Essential, Classic, Advanced and Deluxe. Our Essential and Advanced boards are partially hollow for ease of installation, and our Classic and Deluxe boards, however, are supplied solid.

Don’t Scrub The Deck, Paint The Town!

Once you’ve freed up those weekends, evenings and bank holidays by not having timber decking to strip, sand and stain you can set to re-organising your social calendar. Get some friends over for a glass or two under the stars. Accessorise your deck with some stunning white furniture to contrast against your charcoal deck. Go further with lime green and orange cushions and throws for when the nights get cooler.

black decking

Black Composite Decking Gives You The Perfect Blank Canvas

Having such a dark canvas gives you a licence to experiment with some truly stunning plants. The Strelitzae Reginae, or Bird of Paradise flower might look a little extravagant in an ordinary cottage garden but planted with prominence amongst some vibrant ferns and succulent variegated tropical plants it will really pack a punch. Other planting options you may like to consider are green and orange Gerbera, Japanese Acer and the Canna Lily with dark, oxblood-coloured leaves and stunning annual blooms.

black composite decking

Have a look for yourself and you’ll see, there’s simply no more stylish options out there than a black charcoal composite deck. Sure, there are other options, but none so versatile, none so sumptuous, none so stylish. We can guarantee you; you’ll keep coming back to black…

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