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Bringing you up to speed on just how fade resistant composite decking truly is…

Timber’s inability to hold its colour without help from a variety of paints and sealants is a testament to just how damaging the weather can be on outdoor surfaces. Exposed to the sun’s rays repeatedly day-after-day, outdoor decking has a lot to contend with when compared to indoor flooring solutions.

Fortunately, NeoTimber’s composite decking products are engineered with fade resistance in mind and their resistance to mother nature trumps that of timber alternatives.

fade resistant decking

That being said, the fade resistance of our boards is a feature that varies depending on which range of decking you opt for and unlike many suppliers, we aim to clearly communicate exactly how the boards will react with exposure to UV rays, giving you a clear idea as to what you can expect once you have installed your NeoTimber® composite deck boards.

Below, we will aim to shed more light on the topic of fade resistant decking and much more! Offering an insight into exactly what to expect when installing our deck boards, outlining the core differences between the ranges we offer, and hopefully bringing you one step closer to the most suited solution for your space.

A Guide To The Fade Resistance Of NeoTimber’s Decking Ranges

NeoTimber’s four decking ranges neatly fall into two core types: a traditional composite decking option (1st generation); and a capped composite material (2nd generation). A major difference between these products is their design and material make-up. With a different design, comes a difference in fade resistance and below, we unpack the core differences on exactly how the boards weather across their lifespan.

fade resistant composite decking

Uncapped composite decking products constructed of recycled plastic and timber.

fade proof decking

A composite core which is wrapped in a protective weather-resistant polymer shell.

Our Essential & Classic Ranges Will Undergo A Weathering Phase

Like all uncapped (‘moulded’ or ‘traditional’) composite decking boards on the market, the Essential and Classic boards are made-up of a blend of recycled plastic and timber fibres and much like timber, this material undergoes a process of lightening-up with exposure to both UV and moisture. This process is referred to as extractive bleeding and occurs within the opening 3-6 months of the boards being laid. The impact of this process means our composite deck boards lighten-up to achieve what we regard as their weathered colour tone. What’s great about our composite products is that once they have reached their weathered colour tone, the rate of colour change from that point onwards is nominal (unlike timber, where it will often continue to fade year-on-year).

This weathered colour tone is therefore a truer representation of the colour of our Essential and Classic deck boards and we believe it is important for all customers to consider this when aiming to gain a match to the colour scheme of both their home and their outdoor space.

We provide a helping hand by only uploading shots to our online inspiration gallery of projects whereby the boards have reached their weathered colour tone.

fade resistant decking
fade resistant composite decking

Our Most Fade Resistant Composite Decking Ranges: Advanced & Deluxe

The capped composite decking boards we manufacture (our Advanced and Deluxe range) follow a different design to the Essential and Classic boards. Equipped with 360-degree protection from the elements in the form of a non-organic plastic wrap, the Advanced and Deluxe is expertly protected from the elements. Not only does this capping provide ‘added resistance’ to staining, but also provides the boards with protection from the effects of UV rays, making these our most fade resistant composite decking boards.

Unlike the Essential or Classic boards, this type of product will not undergo a process of extractive bleeding and comes with superior resistance to the effects of summers of sunshine and winters of rain and snow. The colour of our Advanced and Deluxe samples are therefore perfect representations of exactly how the boards will look throughout their lifespan, year-after-year (which makes colour matching that little bit easier).

Does Composite Decking Fade? – FAQs

We make a conscious effort to ensure that all of the images on our online inspiration gallery portray projects whereby the boards have reached their weathered colour tone. This will give you the best indication of how these boards will look once installed.

NeoTimber’s Essential and Classic boards are designed to weather-down at a consistent rate and small variations in UV intensity across a decking project will not impact how they lighten-up within the opening phases of installation. We do, however, recommend that customers rotate furniture such as tables and seating in the opening months of the boards being laid in order to avoid any particularly dark patches where furniture has sat (and blocked the sun’s rays) for a number of weeks/months.

The darker the colour tone you opt for, the less prominent the weathering phase will be. For instance, our chocolate deck board tends to lighten-up less than our teak deck board. Check out our useful colour chart on the fade resistant decking page for more information on the colour change of the decking boards.

Our samples are distributed straight from the point of production and they will therefore arrive with customers pre-weathered. We advise that customers take note that the Essential and Classic boards will appear lighter once they have reached their weathered colour tones (in the opening months of installation). We believe these samples are still an excellent means of portraying NeoTimber’s superior quality and finish. Our Advanced and Deluxe samples will give you a true depiction of how they will appear (and continue to appear) once installed.

The reality is that no composite product is regarded as a totally fade proof decking solution. No product that is exposed to years of intense sunshine will be fully fade proof, but from rigorously testing our products, we do know that our capped boards offer excellent resistance to UV, meaning that the rate of colour change shall be nominal throughout its long life.

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