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What is reconstituted decking? This article outlines the benefits and explains why it might be the right material for your next patio project.

Alfresco spaces are becoming more popular by the season. If you are considering creating a beautiful outdoor space to dine or relax in, and are wondering which decking material to opt for, it’s worth finding out a few facts first. In this article, we’re going to take a look at reconstituted timber decking and why this might be the option for you.

What Is Reconstituted Decking?

Reconstituted decking boards are made from unwanted, repurposed plastics and wood. The combination of these base materials creates boarding that outperforms all other decking materials on many levels.

Why Choose Reconstituted Decking?

There are a variety of reasons to choose reconstituted decking boards. Read on to learn more…

reconstituted decking

Environmentally Friendly

If protecting the environment is a cause close to your heart, then NeoTimber decking boards should be a consideration. Our reconstituted decking boards are made from a blend of recycled wood and plastic that otherwise would have ended up in landfill. 100% of the plastic used is recycled from plastic bottles, shopping bags etc. Each year tonnes of plastic is recycled for use in our products, making up 40% of our decking material.

reconstituted timber decking

Strength And Durability

Using a blend of recycled plastic and waste wood increases the durability, resilience and performance. Composite boarding doesn’t split, splinter, chip, warp or rot. It maintains its structural integrity for much longer. That’s why we are able to confidently offer a 25-year warranty on all our boarding products.

reconstituted decking

Design Style And Good Looks

With longer-lasting products, we needed to design a product that looks great too – and one that can retain its good looks. As a result, we have adopted a manufacturing process which mimics the depth of timber’s grain patterning. Today, our entire reconstituted timber decking range has an embossed ‘3D’ authentic woodgrain textured finish. Decking boards come in three colours – designed to enhance any outside space.

reconstituted timber decking

Product Ranges To Suit Your Pocket

NeoTimber decking boards come in several ranges at different price points. The Essential & Classic ranges are made from a single mould of wood and plastic composite material. Our newer generation of capped composite boarding – the Advanced & Deluxe ranges have an added tough polymer layer applied to the exterior. This ‘shell’ encapsulates the product and provides a defensive barrier, offering improved performance against the elements.

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