Introducing the benefits of NeoTimber’s dual-sided, reversible composite decking.

Our complete range of composite decking comes fully reversible, offering customers the choice between two different finishes. On one side, an authentic woodgrain; on the other, contemporary grooves. Our boards offer the best of both, allowing you the freedom to choose between the two.

reversible composite decking

Before making that all-important decision, we’ve broken down the 3 main factors we think you should consider before installing NeoTimber® reversible composite decking.

reversible decking

Look And Finish

Our reversible composite decking comes equipped with both an embossed woodgrain finish, designed to mimic the look and feel of traditional timber; and a grooved channel side to offer something a little more modern and contemporary.

Our product team have worked around the clock to ensure a superior woodgrain finish compared to others on the market. We’ve removed flat spots, giving our woodgrain more depth and texture to enhance authenticity. As we set out to provide our customers with the highest possible value, we altered the design of our boards to achieve a range of fully reversible finishes. The grooved channels resembles that of traditional timber decking. Simple and uniform, grooved channels are more in-keeping with modern and contemporary spaces.

Another benefit of a fully reversible decking board is that the two finishes compliment and contrast each other perfectly. This, therefore, creates new opportunities to incorporate different design ideas to your decking project such as picture framing; as well as giving you the possibility to create something truly unique to you.

Functionality Of Reversible Composite Decking

Aesthetics aren’t everything when choosing between the different finishes of our reversible composite decking, performance and functionality also have an important part to play. A prominent feature of our quality assured composite decking is its anti-slip finish. Naturally, the woodgrain finish and the grooved channel side of our reversible decking boards have different anti-slip ratings, just like our traditional and capped boards do.

Our testing reports show that the grooved channel side of our reversible composite decking has a higher anti-slip rating than the woodgrain side. That being said, the woodgrain side of our reversible composite decking still has a much higher anti-slip rating than traditional timber deck boards do as they are resistant to moss and algae growth.

Be mindful that the direction you choose to lay your boards will also have an impact on slip potential, for example, laying the boards across the direction of footfall will increase traction underfoot on both the woodgrain and grooved channel side of our reversible composite decking boards.

reversible composite decking
reversible decking

Maintenance Of Reversible Decking

Our NeoTimber® composite decking requires barely any maintenance over its entire lifetime.

The smoother, flatter surface of the woodgrain side of our decking means there’s barely any room for dirt build-up. The deeper texture of the grooved channel side means it’s more likely to trap dirt and soil nevertheless, a soft-bristled brush should loosen any grime and build-up that gets trapped.

Also, be mindful of how maintenance varies depending on the material composition of your deck board. The four-sided capping on our Advanced and Deluxe boards out-performs other capped composite boards on the market that only apply a three-sided capping. The uncapped side of the board – the bottom – is arguably the most important side to be capped as this is the side that comes into direct contact with the supporting joist, absorbing moisture and any sitting water sat on top of the joists. The four-sided capping on our reversible composite decking boards means that it’s protected from the harsh outdoor environment on whichever side you decide to lay the boards.

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