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Costing-up your new outdoor project

Littered with complicated quotes, landscaping jargon and unresponsive or ill-informed salespeople can sometimes feel like a minefield. However, as a business, NeoTimber strives to take the complication out of things and offer easy-to-understand, transparent costings in a timely manner. In offering simple tools, we strive to be upfront with you on the cost and benefits of our products and guide you through the journey of planning to execution without the stress. And besides, we think the cost of our composite decking may just surprise you.

Calculating The Cost Of NeoTimber Composite Decking

When calculating the cost of NeoTimber composite decking, we advise that customers begin by breaking down their requirements in the planning phases of their project.

Four key areas should be considered at this stage:

  • Classify the Type Of Project you are building: from balconies; to raised decking projects; to low-lying, ground-level decks. This will inevitably have a bearing on your requirements- particularly your subframe preference.
  • Secondly, we advise Measuring Your Proposed Area to get a good grasp on the square meterage, allowing you to calculate the quantity of materials required. NeoTimber recommends, like with most builds, to include a wastage allowance to cover for cuts, miscalculations and mistakes in the installation process.
  • Thirdly, it’s time to choose your Product Preference. This is determined by your preference on the board type and colour, as well as its suitability to the board for your environment (our sales advisors can help you with this).
  • Don’t forget the Additional’s: accessories such as trims and edging are an often-overlooked part of projects, but they can make all the difference.

NeoTimber Composite Decking Cost Per M2

We recommend working in square meters and below is the material cost for each of our decking ranges, which incrementally increases in price by £5.00 per length.

  • Essential: £20.00 per 3.6m length, £38.00 per square metre
  • Classic: £25.00 per 3.6m length, £46.75 per square metre
  • Advanced: £25.00 per 3.6m length, £46.75 per square metre
  • Deluxe: £30.00 per 3.6m length, £56.70 per square metre

Have you got a square meterage in mind and want a quick costing? Check-out our easy-to-use decking calculator to give you an idea on costing. If you require something a little more detailed, scroll down to fill-out our 3-step quote request, where one of our dedicated sales staff can help you out.

Composite Decking Vs. Timber Decking Cost

Since its introduction into the market, the true cost of composite decking has often been compared to timber alternatives. And now composite decking is no longer the ‘new kid on the block’ and has established itself as a genuine alternative to the traditional stuff, the cost benefits have been made clear over time and its popularity has grown considerably.

For a comparison to be made on the two products, it is important to not only look at the cost of the initial purchase, but also the costs associated with the upkeep of each product across its life; something that is regarded as ‘lifetime cost’. Notoriously high maintenance, it is no secret that timber demands both man hours and costly treatment, often on a yearly basis. This not only drains your valuable leisure time but hurts your wallet, especially when compared to the next-to-nothing costs associated with maintaining your composite deck. We researched some of the costs that are often associated with maintaining both composite and timber decking and compared them across a 25-year lifespan, the result are shown below.

Composite Decking Maintenance (Across a 25-Year Period)

  • Market-Leading Composite Decking Cleaner: £391.76
  • Household Soap: £22.00

Timber Decking Maintenance (Across a 25-Year Period)

  • Decking Oil: £952.00
  • Decking Paint: £737.50
  • Decking Cleaner and Reviver: £238.75
  • Decking Protector: £378.00

While every decking project differs and the requirement for certain maintenance products changes depending on preference, it is inevitable that a regular level of upkeep is required to retain the longevity of timber. What’s more, the added man-hours and expense only increase as boards age. Unlike composite decking, where the costs of cleaning the deck will remain consistent throughout their life.

To put it bluntly, costly maintenance is a must if you are to save your timber deck from the effects of weathering. And if you fail to do so- then you are faced with the threat of your deck looking unsightly with excessive fading and algae growth and further down to the line, becoming a hazard to those who walk on it. That means time for a replacement, which is an inevitable costly exercise of removing the boards and the framework and reinstalling a new outdoor flooring solution. The issues of costly maintenance and the threat of replacement then become clear if you are to opt for a timber solution. Compare this to the costs of maintaining composite decking, then a decision is made easy, reinforcing the point that customers can reap the rewards of choosing the more modern solution over the traditional deck in the long run.