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Not sure which of our NeoTimber® ranges is right for you? Order up to 3 free composite decking samples and see for yourself!

Most homeowners have a budget, or a colour of choice in mind before starting renovations, but become clueless as to exactly which of our NeoTimber® composite deck boards is the right board for them.

composite decking samples

Ordering your free composite decking samples brings you one step closer to finding the perfect decking board for you and completing your NeoTimber® deck!

More About Our NeoTimber® Composite Decking Samples

At NeoTimber®, there’s a composite deck board for everyone. We do not believe in a “one size fits all” kind of product here as we understand that every customer requirement is different!

Our 4 ranges of composite decking can be split into 2 different types, traditional composite and second generation “capped” composite. Each range has its own defining features and benefits, and this guide intends to help you to differentiate between them all. Ordering composite deck samples will help you to get an idea on (1) the differences between the ranges; (2) the functionality of each range; and (3) the suitability of each range. You can request up to 3 free decking samples here.

So first of all, let’s break down the differences between the ranges to give you a clearer idea as to which might be right for you before you order your composite decking samples.

composite deck samples

The Differences Between Our Ranges

Get an idea on the types of decking we offer ahead of receiving your composite decking samples:

decking samples

Composite decking in its original form, a wood plastic compound engineered with long-lasting durability in mind. Designed to match the aesthetics of timber, our traditional ranges of composite decking have been embossed to give a deep, textured, authentic look and feel. Our Essential and Classic deck boards are what we regard as traditional composite decking boards.

composite decking samples

New and improved, our second generation of capped composite decking has all the existing features and benefits our traditional has, and more! A four-sided shell encapsulates this deck board, offering 360 degree protection from the elements. Its dual tone colour variance provides the deck board with its premium look and feel. Our Advanced and Deluxe ranges fall under this type of composite product.

composite deck samples

Our hollow core ranges provide a quality, lightweight solution with retained structural integrity, durability and authenticity. To back this up, our hollow composite decking boards all come with the same 25-year residential warranty our solid boards do. Our NeoTimber® Essential and NeoTimber® Advanced composite deck boards are the hollow range options we offer.

decking samples

A tight, densely packed core built with strength and resilience in mind, our NeoTimber® solid composite deck boards are engineered to better match both the demands of the outdoor environment, and the stresses and strains from a busy, and hectic household. The solid options we offer come in the form of our NeoTimber® Classic range and NeoTimber® Deluxe range deck boards.

Things To Consider When Ordering Your Composite Deck Samples

Swimming in a heap of samples when planning your outdoor space? We’re here to help. Upon opening your NeoTimber® sample box, we urge all customers to consider the points below, ensuring you remain up-to-speed with all things composite.

composite decking samples

Composite Decking Samples – Colour Matching

Ordering composite decking samples helps you to envisage how your decking will co-exist with your existing environment – key if you are looking to pair your deck with your outdoor furniture or whether you’re looking to extend your indoor floor outwards!

It’s worth noting that our traditional composite decking will go through a period of weathering. This is a process whereby the decking boards go through a period of lightening up until they reach a weathered colour tone (up-to 6 months after installation), so the actual colour of the board will end up being lighter than the composite deck sample you receive. More on this in our product features explained section.

Our “second generation” capped composite decking has been designed with summer’s of sunshine in mind, so the composite deck sample receive on day one will not change in colour – ideal if you are looking for an exact colour match with fixtures and furnishings!

composite deck samples

Embossed Vs. Printed Woodgrain

Not all deck boards are built equally and we urge customers to consider this when comparing samples. NeoTimber’s commitment to ensuring all products are embossed with a deep, textured woodgrain enhance the authentic look and feel of the boards and ensure our products sit head and shoulders above many others. Notice how our composite deck samples compare to other brands’ who print on their woodgrain finish (which so regularly fades over time).

decking samples

Hollow Vs. Hollow

There’s no doubting the quality of our composite deck boards once you see our decking samples compared to others. Our hollow ranges have a hollow tube design that’s lightweight, yet stronger and more durable than most. We only remove 40% from the core of our boards, resulting in a much higher quality product compared to other decking brands who remove between 60-80% in rectangular increments… Our composite decking samples really do speak for themselves!

composite decking samples

Received Our Composite Decking Samples And Still Undecided Which Range To Opt For?

We understand that our composite decking samples, while offering an insight into the quality of NeoTimber’s boards, don’t necessarily provide you with all answers. We believe that it’s important that customers take time to research the core differences between our ranges to get a good grasp on the most-suited solution for their space.

Planning on installing a hot-tub on your deck area? In search of the products that will guarantee the least amount of up-keep? Have a south-facing garden which is scorched with hot summer? Our sales support team are here to help with all of the above and much more.

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