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NeoTimber® manufactures and supplies affordable composite decking solutions that provide genuine value to your outdoor space.

Here at NeoTimber®, we are born from a belief that high quality, long-life, and sustainable solutions don’t need to cost the earth. Thankfully we have a selection of affordable composite decking to choose from.

With the market seemingly full to the brim with different companies offering varying priced products that vary vastly in quality, choosing the right composite decking supplier can often feel a little confusing and often daunting.

affordable composite decking

At NeoTimber®, our approach is simple: we offer four ranges of exceptional quality, expertly crafted, affordable composite decking. Across these four ranges, we believe there is a solution that fits every outdoor requirement and more importantly, every budget.

Take a look at what makes NeoTimber® the home of high value, affordable composite decking…

affordable composite decking

A Design-Led Approach That Doesn’t Cost You An Arm And A Leg

There is no escaping the fact that quality assured composite materials will set you back a little more than most timber decking solutions and we will be the first to admit that our products do represent a higher investment. We are firm believers, however, that a good composite decking solution is exactly that… an investment. Our four ranges of affordable composite decking promise to not only upgrade the look of your space but are certain to come with fewer maintenance requirements and a longer life than a timber solution would.

While we have been developing these solutions for a number of years, we understand that for many homeowners and businesses, this product is seen as a relatively new innovation. Like many new innovations, we find new suppliers of this material charging a premium. Often, though, a premium price tag is not matched with a premium product and these suppliers often cut corners with the quality of their products.

As an established composite decking brand, we strive to bring to market quality solutions that are well-designed and high performing. Our approach is more considered than most, and we work tirelessly to improve both the performance and aesthetics of our products.

Take our most affordable composite decking ranges, the Essential and Advanced ranges, for instance… our hollow deck boards intend to disprove the common disbelief that hollow boards are weak and poorly designed. These two ranges are tough and structurally sound; and come with the same 25-year warranty and are priced at £20 inc. VAT and £25 inc. VAT per length respectively. How you ask? Year’s worth of experience that results a distinct design and superior material composition.

Affordable Composite Decking Solutions For All Budgets And Applications

We understand that all projects are governed by a budget – large or small. In supplying four distinct ranges, we believe we are covering all bases. Our hollow ranges of affordable composite decking offer a lightweight solution ideal for residential applications. Our solid boards, on the other hand, are designed to provide residential projects with added peace of mind. Offering improved strength and durability, these solid ranges of affordable composite decking are most suitable for commercial applications.

Hollow or solid, the same principle applies. We don’t believe customers need to pay over the odds for our solutions. Affordable enough for most applications, our ranges of composite decking are solutions that offer genuine value to your space.

affordable composite decking
affordable composite decking

Offering More For Your Money

At NeoTimber®, we’re dedicated to offering more than most when it comes to quality products, excellent service, and overall customer experience. This plea is what makes NeoTimber® the home of quality, affordable composite decking.

Here’s just a few ways we offer more than most:

  • All ranges, regardless of their type, come with a 25-year residential and 10-year commercial warranty
  • Our capped ranges of affordable composite decking come with a four-sided capping
  • When you deal with NeoTimber®, you deal with us direct
  • Our team of knowledgeable sales staff is made up of dedicated problem solvers and they are here to deal with you directly
  • We promise to deliver all orders within 7-10 working days or 3-5 working days, which will be delivered by NeoTimber’s dedicated delivery team

At NeoTimber®, our innovative way of thinking and commitment to providing our customers with value for money doesn’t all end at affordable composite decking. In fact – we’re committed to applying this approach to all future product lines too. A wide array of outdoor solutions are set to come in 2021, all of which are designed to offer homeowners and businesses alike with a genuinely high-value alternative to timber.

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