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Introducing tips on how NeoTimber’s patio composite decking can help revamp your space, just in time for summer.

Tired of the sight of old-fashioned patio slabs? Keen for a contemporary upgrade? NeoTimber’s wide range of patio composite decking means that upgrade has become a lot easier with very little maintenance. Take your pick from NeoTimber’s range of four patio composite deck boards, which come in the five popular colours grey, chocolate, teak, charcoal and antique.

Opt for our affordable hollow Essential range or traditional solid composite – the Classic range. Alternatively, select from our second-generation composite decking boards, the hollow capped Advanced board, or our solid capped Deluxe range.

patio composite decking

Now is the perfect time to pay a little more attention to this area of your home now that the warmer nights are starting to roll in. Below – we provide some top tips for enhancing your space with NeoTimber’s patio composite decking range.

Tip #1 – Set The Height Of Your Patio Deck

First things first – you will need to decide on your deck height. To create a seamless transition from your indoors to outdoors, we advise building your deck up to the threshold of the door.

patio composite decking

Removing the step down onto your patio by building a deck upwards gives you the feeling that your living space is extended. This creates a contemporary look because you are bringing your indoors outwards but also prevents any missteps on your patio steps.

Tip #2 – Plan Your Space To Accommodate A Seating Space

Part of designing a decking space is deciding what sort of seating it can accommodate. There are lots of different ideas for seating and entertaining in your garden space, such as pulling the bi-fold doors open so your living space extends onto your deck, creating a fireside chatting area or zoned areas for entertaining and relaxing.

patio composite decking

Tip #3 – Choosing The Right Colour Patio Decking

We understand that it can be tricky when deciding on the perfect composite decking colour for your garden space. We advise you to take a good look at your space and aim to match existing furniture and fixtures to the decking you plan to purchase, to ensure it compliments your home and surroundings.

We have provided you with a host of tips on how to style each colour, that way simplifying a stressful task for you.

Tip #4 – Consider Laying Patterns

There are two functions to laying patterns, one of which is aesthetics but there is a practical side to laying patterns which many are not aware of.

The way in which you lay your deck boards determines how slip resistant your deck is. This is something we tell our customers to consider in their pre-installation design.

patio composite decking

Patio composite decking laying patterns give you the ability to add a lot of character to your deck using multiple coloured deck boards and patterns in which you lay the boards. We see many more getting adventurous when it comes to laying patterns, using techniques such as picture-framing.

Tip #5 – Ensure You Choose The Right Type Of Patio Composite Decking

Whether you are at the planning stage or currently building your garden hideaway, replacing a garden patio that’s failed you, or opting for a serene balcony, NeoTimber® composite decking could transform this space.

The process of choosing the right deck to suit your space can be a headache, thankfully we have taken that stress away with our buying guide. We essentially specialise in two different types of composite decking: a traditional and a capped composite – each of which come in both a hollow or solid profile.

Which product will be best for your setting depends entirely on your preference and the nature of your project. Our helpful sales team are always on-hand to help with this.

patio composite decking

This guide should hopefully have helped with your decision making on upgrading your tired patio space with a sparkling patio composite deck and how to go about planning, and what considerations to keep in mind when installing your deck.

Order some free samples to give you a little insight into the wide range we have to offer and see how you can work composite into your garden.

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